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Health Services

The development and implementation of health promotion and surveillance programs are the cornerstone of a well rounded approach to achieving a healthy and prosperous work environment. Emphasizing an individual based approach to  the mitigation of care on a case by case basis builds the foundation of trust and transparency in the workplace.

Pre-Hire Onsite Medical Examination

Pre-Hire Medical Exam

A variety of health problems and working conditions may predispose a worker to an occupationally induced illness or injury. On the other hand, some job demands may exceed some worker's capabilities. The purpose of the Pre-Hire Health Assessment is to determine that the right person fits the right position. Olivue Health will develop and implement a Pre-HIre Health Assessment, designed to fit your company's requirements. Often this necessitates doing a Job Demands Analysis, which fully analyses the position, defining precisely the physical, mental and environmental demands of the job. This means that workers must be assessed based on the job demands specific to their employment.

Health Surveillance 

Health Surveillance

Surveillance in occupational health practice involves both the baseline and ongoing assessment of people in their work environment by evaluating risks and hazards. Health surveillance screening of individuals is of upmost importance to detect early reversible ill health and implement early interventions for disease prevention. Surveillance data can inform of trends or emerging patterns in workplace hazards and illnesses.

  • Audiometry

  • Vision Screening

  • Spirometry

  • Diagnostic testing such as X-Rays and Laboratory 

Medical Direction and Consultation

Medical Director

Olivue Health offers Medical Director services in Alberta. Medical Directors are responsible for participant care, clinical outcomes, and the implementation and oversight of an organization's occupational health & safety program. Additionally, Medical Directors will work closely with your leadership team to implement strategies that enhance case management and improve employee wellness in the workplace.

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